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We all have a story to tell. Some stories seem seamless, circumventing

roadblocks and hard work along the journey. That’s not our story. 


We overcame many obstacles to get here. When you’re fighting for the 

people you expect the road to be rocky. It’s impossible to create

change without challenge.


This is our story.



Sheila became the first Haitian- American woman to run for Congress in Broward and Palm Beach County. She launched The People’s Campaign and joined the ranks of a national movement of women committed to taking back the House of Representatives for working families.

She did not win the Primary but she did make history, by securing nearly 30% of the votes within 3 months from a 26-year incumbent and only spent $30k.

The People’s Campaign returned to the

race to continue the fight for working families. Sheila continued to campaign

labor rights, universal access to affordable health care, and compassionate reform of the immigration and criminal justice laws. (Percentage of vote?)



Sheila mounted an overwhelming victory with 80% of the vote for the General Election on January 11, 2022, surpassing Republican nominee, Jason Mariner.


On January 18, 2022, Sheila was sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives, becoming the first Black woman to serve Florida's 20th Congressional District.

Congresswoman Sheila immediately hit the ground running, meeting with community leaders and elected officials to assess the needs of the district. Within her first month in office she launched a mobile unit to improve access to constituent services throughout both counties. She has fought tirelessly pulling down federal dollars, implementing impactful legislation and connecting our communities to opportunity.

Sheila secured a commanding win, garnering over 65% of the votes in the 2022 Primary Election and achieving over 70% victory against the Republican nominee in the General Election. During her election, the Congresswoman worked closely with the Democratic party to get Democrats elected up and down the tickets.

Let's continue the great work we've started! This is a critical moment for our District. We must vote to ensure that our fight to improve housing, healthcare, and economic justice continues. We must defend democracy and protect our rights from slipping into the unjust policies of the past. We are fighting to build a stronger District 20  for everyone.



Sheila entered the Special Election race against 11 opponents to fill the late Representative Alcee Hasting's seat and after a long recount process, she became the first black woman to represent the people of District 20 as the Democratic nominee for District 20. How did she do it? By showing up for the people, meeting the immediate needs, and focusing on rebuilding the economy in the aftermath of the pandemic. #onwardtogether

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