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We must implement real solutions to address the housing crisis in South Florida. I'm working hard to deliver the resources we need for housing and homeownership.

Secure funding to provide relief for rental & mortgage assistance.


Ensure sufficient affordable housing & workforce housing in the district.

Oversight to ensure funding is properly allocated and reaching those who need it most.

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Approximately 30% of our District's residents live on under $75K a year, while 21% live on under $30K. The “People’s Prosperity Plan” is a holistic economic growth proposal that includes:

Providing qualifying constituents with a universal basic income of $1,000 a month to help the district recover from the unemployment, evictions, and other economic downturns caused by the pandemic. 


Fighting for legislation to help the community by raising minimum wage to $20/hour to meet the critical needs caused by inflation and the district’s growing housing crisis.


Empowering small businesses with the tools and resources to acquire (seek) federal contracts, pulling down federal dollars. Strengthening our small business community will create more sustainable jobs and competitively position the district to retain homegrown talent.

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Approximately 33% of the District's residents are between 50-69 years of age. Nearly 30 million people in our country lack access to quality health coverage. Health care is a human right. 

Medicare For All is a larger push for a universal healthcare system and will be one of my main priorities. 



I vow to take affirmative action toward ending Healthcare disparities. "We can no longer allow money or race to be a determining factor of who lives or dies in America."


An aggressive approach to preventive health care must be implemented to improve the overall health of our district.

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We must ensure our fight for social justice does not slip into the unjust policies of the past. There can be no social justice without economic justice.

We must ensure that Black and Brown communities get the resources they deserve. Sheila will fight to dismantle discriminatory policies, police brutality, and systemic racism.


We will not standby while our voting rights are under attack by the far-right. Congress must pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

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District 20 is home to over 263,749 immigrants, nearly 35% of our population, contributing 5.1 billion dollars to our economy. Yet there is no clear path to integrating these contributors to our American society, through citizenship.

Our immigration policy is unsustainable, inhumane, and counterproductive. It's time for Congress to pass a sustainable long term bill, creating a clear Pathway to Citizenship.


We must get rid of Title 42, restore asylum rules, and expand opportunities for migrants to apply for residency or TPS, limiting TPS to one year, and shortening the wait for residency abroad.

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